We did say we love puns, didn’t we? This is something we learnt from The Economist Espresso – making fun headlines. One of our youngest and newest came up with this one and we told her to go ahead and use it for our customer anecdotes. Here are two, on Recruitment and Selection, or Rec […]

Employer Branding In-Shots | Back to basics with CEAT

We’re entering an era where ‘Recruitment Marketing’ is beginning to make its presence across channels, particularly billboards to localize communication within catchment areas. In rides CEAT with a smart, contemporary and bold clutter breaking communication. A few reflections curated from the Carpediem team … One idea, one film: While learning the marketing ropes, one was […]

Any fule kno that: The T-word

All of us have had the sensation at some point of time or the other (usually happens in childhood) – of repeating a word aloud over and over till it is rendered utterly meaningless. Guil-ty, guiii-lty, guil-tyyy, guilty and so on you intone till your brain, really cross with you for boring it to death, […]

Recruitment Roulette

Most recruiters these days get plenty of CVs from their professional contacts or as soon as they post any job. Thanks to the social networking boom, details of recruitment personnel are not difficult to find. Personally, my inbox has always been flooded with resumes whenever I have posted a job, irrespective of the job level […]

In search of a purpose

Clarity precedes success – Robin Sharma “What do you want? Let us discuss an area that you would want to work on?” How often have you asked your client, only to get a blank stare accompanied by a helpless admission – “I don’t know.” This is a typical interaction that my colleagues and I from […]

Learn by heart: Lessons in creation

I am your neighbourhood jack-of-all-arts, currently to be found occupying a human resources (HR) position (and a cabin with natural light; more on this in a bit) in a large multi-national company. But in fact, two post-graduate degrees and four careers – including production, social enterprises, art – over the past 20+ years mean HR […]

Dazed and Confused: With competencies

At an American bank that I worked for a couple of decades ago, in one instance, the India CEO (a white gent, an expat) literally threw the competency booklet at my boss and me while cursing and ordering us out of his room – that is the kind of rage some ‘HR frameworks’ can generate […]

Fool or a Kingsman: Exec Misfits

I was recently part of an exec round table provocatively titled ‘Have you hired a brilliant jerk?’. A couple of CEOs and a slew of HR Heads were in attendance. The deliberate header had its desired effect. The debate – over a delicious risotto – was fun, engaging, and insightful. Are senior level hires with […]

Pay on Say: CEO Compensation

The Pay Disclosure norms in the US recently made it mandatory for corporates to declare the ratio of CEO pay to the median wage of the rest of the employees. This has predictably given rise to a flurry of consulting/advisory activity around interpreting the exact definition of the median (dramatic eye-roll – last time I […]