Recruitment Roulette

Most recruiters these days get plenty of CVs from their professional contacts or as soon as they post any job. Thanks to the social networking boom, details of recruitment personnel are not difficult to find. Personally, my inbox has always been flooded with resumes whenever I have posted a job, irrespective of the job level […]

In search of a purpose

Clarity precedes success – Robin Sharma “What do you want? Let us discuss an area that you would want to work on?” How often have you asked your client, only to get a blank stare accompanied by a helpless admission – “I don’t know.” This is a typical interaction that my colleagues and I from […]

Learn by heart: Lessons in creation

I am your neighbourhood jack-of-all-arts, currently to be found occupying a human resources (HR) position (and a cabin with natural light; more on this in a bit) in a large multi-national company. But in fact, two post-graduate degrees and four careers – including production, social enterprises, art – over the past 20+ years mean HR […]

Pay on Say: CEO Compensation

The Pay Disclosure norms in the US recently made it mandatory for corporates to declare the ratio of CEO pay to the median wage of the rest of the employees. This has predictably given rise to a flurry of consulting/advisory activity around interpreting the exact definition of the median (dramatic eye-roll – last time I […]

Parent or Employer?

The wellness wave: Every once in a while, there is a wave that takes over the world of work, and all corporate citizens get impacted, i.e., they start spending a lot of time worrying about it. For example, the last couple of years I can bet you have read, heard, worried and talked plenty about […]